About MMPax

Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks, M.D.

Dr. Hendricks has an extensive research background in nutritional biochemistry and epigenetics, and he spends much of his time developing new research-based custom formulations. He has developed functional beverages, enhanced waters, cosmetics, capsules, liquids, and tablets for companies in the U.S. and around the world. After training in trauma and emergency medicine in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Hendricks practiced in multiple fields, including family medicine, integrative medicine, and occupational medicine. He is now a member of advisory boards for many U.S. and international companies. Dr. Hendricks’ clinical experience includes the treatment of over 50,000 patients, and his genetics and nutritional biochemistry background uniquely qualify him for his role as chief medical officer for M&M Labs.

Ryan Kogge

Ryan brings over 10 years of experience in supply chain management and logistics technologies working with the world’s leading third-party logistics providers, some of the largest brands in retail, as well as small privately-owned manufacturing businesses. Ryan provides big company solutions with small business service.

After graduating from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, Ryan oversaw the picking and packing operations of a large retailer’s e-commerce fulfillment center in Columbus, OH which shipped thousands of orders to doorsteps worldwide every day.

Ryan went on to be part of a small start-up team that launched a reverse distribution center for the world’s largest retailer in Spartanburg, SC. As the start-up’s only on-site IT and systems resource, Ryan gained experience in managing the advanced hardware and software required to process almost $1 billion of inventory annually. Subsequently, as the senior operations manager, he was responsible for a team of 600 frontline and management associates who received and shipped over 200 truckloads each week.

In his role as the Chief Executive Officer of a 120 years-old small manufacturing company in South Carolina, Ryan applied his systems and logistics expertise to modernize the company’s practices and workflows. By designing, writing, and implementing a custom ERP software suite, Ryan established a set of KPIs and monitors used to lead the business to increased productivity, reduced overhead costs, and improved customer service for the automotive, airline, and domestic appliances industries.

Ryan joins MMPax as the Chief Operating Officer and is ready to work with you to develop a simple and turnkey solution for your ecommerce, distribution, fulfillment, and other warehousing needs.